Really? Arsenic in Organic Formula

You know, my baby was just telling me the other day how much he was craving some arsenic. Well good news DramaLlama! Your formula probably already has arsenic in it! And you were worried…. silly baby.

A study was recently released stating that many products, including organic infant formula **ahem…Nature’s One Baby’s Only Organic formula** , that are made with brown rice syrup were found to contain 6 times the FDA approved level of acceptable arsenic. First off, I didn’t realize that arsenic was acceptable at all in any food related items….but I guess that’s just me being “logical”, apparently there is a magical level of arsenic that makes food just taste great!

Why is it so freakin’ hard to find a formula that does not contain some kind of harmful chemical? Like really? I JUST switched organic formulas because of BPA in the lining and now this. Sigh. I guess it will never end.

Nature’s One did issue a statement on their website about the issue. For some reason it’s not really helping me feel any better.  I guess I just can’t win.


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